Find out the latest on what’s happening in the vineyard, from our grapes to the bottling of our wine.

Change is in the Air

  Over twenty-four thousand vines on Sunstone’s estate vineyard have been tended to by hand since they were pruned in January, 2013, and now they are going through the annual metamorphosis we in the wine world call Véraison; when the



It happens every year, and it is one of the most painful discoveries of all. In spite of our herculean efforts to open up the canopy of the grapevines and maintain a sanitary growing environment, we have discovered a few


Canopy Work

As the Solstice approaches, in the vineyard we have turned our attention to what I like to call “Canopy Work.” That is to say, the process by which the unruly chaos that governs a totally untended vineyard is neatly guided



Now that we’re a few weeks to a month into the growing season, I’ve begun to turn my attention to the process of shoot thinning. The tender young shoots are beginning to harden off some and are ready to be


Mechanical Weeding

With the rainy season drawing to a close and the fear erosion beginning to subside, we have turned our attention to weed control in the vineyard. Generally speaking, in an organically farmed vineyard, weeds will always be the most irksome


Extended Barrel Aging

The Sunstone Estate has a tendency to make very concentrated and, at times, extremely tannic wines. To help mitigate this tendency we occasionally employ the technique in the winery of extended barrel aging.